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WHO is ATP Supply
ATP Supply have been established to help providers of mobility device services to overcome their challenges in accessing quality products, which will allow them to provide appropriate services to their clients. ATP Supply works like a one-stop shop where mobility device service providers have access to a large scope of appropriate and quality products, at different level of sophistication and price, allowing them to choose the appropriate solution for the needs of their clients.

WHY ATP Supply
For those who need it, access to mobility devices such as prostheses, orthoses and wheelchairs, is hampered by different factors including the cost of the services. The cost of services is directly impacted by factors such as the cost of products, high procurement costs, complex and long process for importation of products, variety of suppliers, etc. ATP Supply have been established to help mobility device service providers to overcome these factors.

HOW ATP Supply work
ATP Supply work tirelessly to provide mobility device service providers across the world a wide scope of quality products; at different level of sophistication and price, thus allowing them to select the most appropriate solution for their clients and for the context in which they are working. Not only ATP Supply continuously
search for new products, ATP Supply also adopted a strategy to offer the most affordable prices for its clients.

WHAT ATP Supply offer
ATP Supply offer a large variety of products for mobility device service providers allowing them to select the appropriate solutions for quality services. To provide the appropriate solution to their client’s needs, service providers, should have access to more than one technology allowing to select the level of sophistication required taking into consideration the appropriateness to the needs of the user, the cost-effectiveness of the technology and, the financial capacity of user and/or the system to paid for. For that reasons, ATP Supply customers have access to wide choice of technologies and components, at different level of sophistication and price, with ISO and/or EC certification and with warranty from the manufacturers.