Examination table, 3 sections

Ref.: 00 D 05.3

3-section high / low table with 2 movable sections assisted by gas spring. 65 cm headrest with downward and downward position. Leg section adjustable from 0 ° to 80 °.
- strong and stable frame, for intensive use
- lifting force of 240 kg, therefore suitable for heavy patients
- height: minimum 45 cm (very low!), maximum 98 cm
- standard width: 65 cm
- height adjustable by electric motor controlled by pedal or, as an option, a manual control or a peripheral frame
- long and comfortable nasal opening
- retractable wheels
- leveling for uneven floors
- self-lubricating moving parts ensure quiet operation
- base accessible to patient lifts
- mobile sections assisted by gas spring
- cover available in various colors