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Introducing ATscale, the Global Partnership for Assistive Technology and its goal to reach 500 million more people in need with Assistive Technology by 2030. 


Christophe Broillet
Chief Executive Officer

With an extensive and profound understanding of the global physical rehabilitation industry amassed over the past two decades, Christophe leveraged his expertise to establish ATP Supply in 2019. The company has since emerged as the leading one-stop-shop for a broad range of mobility devices, catering to over 300 institutions worldwide, with a particular focus on serving low-to-middle income nations. 

Vlora Hysenaj

As a co-founder of ATP Supply, Vlora brings extensive knowledge of global trade regulations and legal requirements that are essential to our business. Given that we export our products to everyone, everywhere in the world, her expertise in navigating the legal landscape is invaluable. Vlora's legal expertise is matched by her entrepreneurial spirit, as she has been instrumental in building a dynamic and innovative company culture at ATP Supply. Her dedication to excellence has helped establish ATP Supply as a one-stop-shop for mobility devices, with a reputation for quality and reliability that sets us apart from the competition. 

Christophe Girard
Logistics Manager

With comprehensive training in all relevant regulations and guidelines, Christophe ensures the compliant and efficient shipment of goods. In addition to his expertise in handling dangerous materials, he has a talent for consolidating shipments from multiple manufacturers into a single delivery, particularly for low-income countries. His ability to optimize logistics processes and maximize efficiency has been honed through years of experience, making him a valuable asset to our organization.