3D L.A.S.A.R. Posture


- Adapter ring, holder for suction hose, for clamping in a vice
- Structure made of square and galvanized steel tubes
- Holder for SACH* foot adapter 743Y34 Cylindrical head screw 501T3=M10X60 SACH* foot adapter with threaded connection 2R8=M10 Single-channel suction hose 755R90, dimensions WxDxH 42 x 30 x 400 mm, connection Ø 13 mm Two-channel suction hose 755R100, dimensions W x D x H 42 x 30 x 520 mm, connection Ø 6 mm
- 260 x 1,020 x 300mm, 10kg

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    Internal Reference: 743A160