Cable controlled mechanical hand

1. 3 or 5 fingers are available.
2. actions of hand can be controlled by cable.
3. Wrist joint can passively rotate. 4. Suitable for wrist disarticulation, and middle, short and long stumps of forearm.

Usage: The cable-controlled upper limb prosthesis is suitable for patients with wrist amputation, forearm amputation, elbow joint amputation, and upper arm amputation. After certain use training, it can assist patients in lifting, holding, eating with a spoon, writing with a pen, and supporting Take simple daily activities such as cycling. Normally, it is in the functional position where the thumb, index finger, and middle finger are combined. When picking up objects, the hand is opened by pulling the traction cable, and the hand is closed by the torsion of the spring. This kind of
prosthetic hand has a simple structure and saves effort to hold things.

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    Internal Reference: CCMH