Rower, R60

Ref.: 00 K 68.R60

The Tunturi Performance R60 rower offers one of the most complete workouts for the whole body. You train the glutes, legs, back muscles, biceps and triceps, shoulders and abdominal muscles. While rowing you burn fat, you train the muscles and you improve your endurance on one single device.
You can work out according to your own preferences, as you can choose between 16 resistance levels and 18 programs.
The R60 is extremely quiet due to the magnetic PMS braking system with flywheel. Braking is thus done with magnetism instead of discs.
Simplicity while working out
The R60 rower has an easy-to-operate monitor with different parameters and a graphic representation of the workout profiles. The rowing device can also be operated with the keys on the rowing handle. You can, for example, adjust the intensity without having to interrupt your workout to touch the monitor.
The rowing machine never gets in the way because it is easy to fold and store using the transport wheels.
The R60 is equipped with a Bluetooth connection, which allows you to connect to workout apps such as Tunturi Routes and Kinomap. As a result, training remains fun and challenging.
Technical Features
- brake system: PMS, servomotor
- 16 resistance levels
- programs: 18
- rotating mass: 8 kg
- monitor: monochrome LCD displays time, distance, calories, time/500m, strokes per minute
- power supply: adapter (6V DC - 0,5 A)
- foldable
- max. user weight: 135 kg
- dimensions: L 197 x B 50 x H 66 cm
- dimensions folded: L 35 x B 50 x H 159 cm
- weight: 46 kg
- adjustable monitor
- seat type: Comfort
- rail type: dual rails
- telemetric HR receiver built-in
- chest belt (5 kHz) is optional
- remote control on rowing handle
- Bluetooth connection
- apps (Android & iOS): Tunturi Routes, Kinomap
- transport wheels