Loctite® 290 thread locking glue, 50ml

Ref.: 00 W 41 LC.290

The use of thread lockers prevents unintentional detachment and loosening of screw connections. One-component anaerobic adhesives are suitable for all types and shapes of threads. The screw connections are sealed. Reliably prevent slipping.
Liquid thread lock.
Weak tightening - Loosening possible with a normal tool.
Medium tightening - Loosening still possible with a normal tool.
Very strong tightening - Loosening only possible with a special tool or by heating (> 150 ° C).
For small screws up to M6 and for subsequent screw locking.
Manufacturer no .: 290
Chemical basis: Dimethacrylate ester
Dynamic viscosity: 20 mPa s - 55 mPa s
Density: 1.07 g / cm³
Flash point: 93.3 ° C
Temperature range: -55 ° C - 150 ° C
Maneuverability after: 20 min
Usable after: 3 h
Property: High capillarity; fluorescent under UV light; waterproof; oil resistant; vibration resistant; prevents seizure
for material: Metal
for applications: Threadlockers; Grouting; Porosity of weld seams; Porosity of cast iron and sintered metal parts; Pre-assembled screw connections
For thread sizes M up to: M6
Resistance class: Medium
Minimum initial breakaway torque: 10 N m
Disassembly: only by heating
Green color
Capacity: 50 ml
Storage temperature: 8 ° C - 21 ° C
Shelf life from date of manufacture: 29 mo
Hazardous substances marking: SGH07 Warning