Loctite® glue 601 fixing product, 50ml

Ref.: 00 W 41 LC.601

High strength, dimethacrylate ester-based retaining compound with medium cure speed and low viscosity; suitable for filling small gaps.LOCTITE® 601 is a green, anaerobic, low viscosity, medium cure speed, dimethacrylate ester-based retaining compound suitable for a max. diametrical clearance of 0.1 mm. It is a high strength product for applications that require a permanent bond. Fixture time on steel is 25 min and service temperature from -55ºC to +150ºC. Fluorescence allows product presence to be monitored.

1-part product, requires no mixing
Medium cure speed
High strength for permanent bonds
Low viscosity, small gap filling
Fluoresces for presence monitoring