Infrared oven for orthopedic technology, IR803

Ref.: 113 W 600

Stainless steel housing inside, spray paint outside, Heating with 8
Infrared-Quartz-Tubes, Temperature measurement of the Material surface by
opto-electr. IR-sensor, infinitely adjustable from 30 C to 250 C by SPS controller with
PID feature, Software build 3.0 with maintenance info, programmable Ramp- and
Timer-feature with an option to store slowly raising heat processes, monitoring of the
heating process by graphical trend, Double-Frontdoor with double pane Window, 2x
25W Illum. bulb, 1x tray with teflon
colour: RAL7035 (light-grey) / RAL 7031 (blue-grey)
Electr. Conn.: 380-400V / 50-60Hz / 3Ph. / 3,7 kW (16 Amp. CEE)
Dim.: outside: WxDxH: 900x700x920 mm
inside: WxDxH : 810x580x540 mm
net weight: 133 kgs