Metal cutting disc saw

Ref.: 221 W 000

Swivel range of ± 45 °
Easy-to-read angle scale enables precise work
Seconds adjustment of the miter
Protected vise spindle
Massive machine base on both sides with holes for the mounting of the material stand MSR
Long handle allows sawing without great effort with integrated push-button (on / off)
Automatic switching on of the coolant pump when sawing
Functional protection device, closed construction, movable
Fast opening mechanism for optimum safety when cutting
Centrally exciting vise, 4-fold guided with individually adjustable clamping jaws. Cutting always takes place in optimal position to the workpiece
Massive machine base
Protected vise spindle
Machine base sizes:
- CS 275 - 460 x 515 x 775 mm and
- CS 315 - 546 x 620 x 801 mm
The saw is delivered without circular saw blade (saw blade division freely selectable)

also referenced under: OPTIsaw CS 275, CRM 115

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