Vice lift for "Heuer-Front"

Heavy-duty, heavy-duty, steel / die-cast construction. Very low vibrations and precise guidance thanks to CNC machined components. Very powerful clamping thanks to the special clamping device. An integrated compressed gas spring ensures that the weight is balanced when adjusting the height of the vice. Locking in any position by means of a safety clamping lever.
The vise can be rotated 360 ° in conjunction with the vertical mover without an additional swivel base to bring a workpiece into the most favorable working position. The safety clearance required by DIN 31001, part 1 (25 mm) is thus observed for all oscillation and movement movements in height.
To adapt the vice to the nearest centimeter to the ideal working height (particularly important for learning and training workshops).
Fixing screws included for bench mounting.
Height adjustment range: 242 mm
Adjustable on a bench table: 93 mm - 335 mm
Weight: 11.2 kg