Automatic piston compressor, 50l

Ref.: 822 W 001.50

Suction capacity approx: 220 l/min
Filling capacity approx: 134 l/min
Explanation filling capacity: at 6 bar working pressure
Maximum pressure: 10 bar
Pressure vessel capacity: 50 l
Number of cylinders: 2
Number of compressor stages: 1
VPE: 1
Dimensions and weights
Length approx: 1080 mm
Width/depth approx: 450 mm
Height approx: 860 mm
Weight approx: 62 kg
Electric Data
Delivery power: 1.1 kW
Supply voltage: 230 V
Phase(s): 1 Ph
Current type: AC
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Noise emission
Sound pressure level Lp: 70 dB(A)
Explanation sound pressure level Lp: Sound pressure level in 1 m distance according to DIN 45635 T 13