Foot SACH 2.0 Adult


Functions and benefits:
The Rehab'Impulse Prosthetic Foot SACH 2.0 (Solid-Ankle Cushion-Heel) is made of soft thermoplastic polyurethane moulded over a POM core. It is designed to provide the user with a cushioned heel and a flexible keel that offers a smooth rolling action during stance phase. The cosmetic toe allows wearing of sandals and gives the foot a natural appearance.

Intended use:
This product is intended for prosthetic fitting on adults with activity levels K1 (household ambulator) and K2 (limited community ambulator).

The Rehab'Impulse Foot SACH 2.0 is compatible with standard modular technology and the Rehab'Impulse module system:

- 74-00137 Module system, Transtibial, Adult
- 74-00134 Module system, Transfemoral, Adult
- 74-00229 Module system, Long Stump, Adult
- 74-00227 Module system, Transfemoral Connector M10, Child

Included in delivery
- 1x Foot SACH 2.0, Adult
- 1x Socket head cap screw, stainless steel, M10x80mm
- 1x Ribbed lock washer M10

Storage conditions
- Store product in dry conditions
- Store at room temperature (ideally between 15°C and 25°C)
- Keep out of direct sunlight or other sources of light with a high UV content
- Take precautionary measures against sparking and fire

Environmental conditions:
Recommended environmental conditions:
- Temperature range for use : -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
- Relative humidity 0% to 90%, no condensing situation
- Avoid exposure to dust, sand, salt water, acids and urine