Wheelchair Motivation Rough Terrain, 14.2"

Ref.: WM3-01S

- Robust and sturdy three-wheel active wheelchair with a large rubber caster wheel, large 26” (66 cm) rear wheels, and a long wheelbase that allows for safe and stable mobility over uneven ground
- Provides a range of adjustable features to ensure optimal fitting and comfort
- Intended for use outdoors and for limited use indoors; suitable for use in rugged conditions and on uneven surfaces
- The length and weight of this wheelchair limits its ability to be transported easily
- Each chair comes with a foam pressure relief cushion, basic tool kit, and tire repair kit
- The Rough Terrain can be converted into a tricycle by attaching Motivation’s Clip-on Tricycle.
- Intended for active adult users, older adults (over 65 years old), and teenagers/older children who use the wheelchair as their primary method of mobility and do not require postural support that exceeds the support features of the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair