Fine motoric tables for hand exercises with resistance

The exercises on the table improve the ability to do daily activities, therapeutic rehabilitation in case of orthopedic, rheumatologic and neurological disease of hand.
Improves the manipulation skills, motor coordination of hand and eyehand coordination, for dorsiflexion, palmar flexion and rotation in wrist joint, conversion and inversion of the forearm.
For use in hospitals (in rehabilitation, surgical or neurological wards) as well as in outpatient rehabilitation.
- Simple to use table, both for adults and children (height adjustment from 54 to 86 cm).
- Made of wood and steel, top painted with ecological varnish.
- 4 non-slip rubber feet with height adjustment.
- All accessories fixed to the wooden top with height adjustment.
- There is the possibility to do exercises with additional load, included: 5 pcs of 0,25 kg soft leather plummets, ropes and hangers for resistance exercises fixed to the wooden top.
- table top dimensions: 52 x 86 cm
- height adjustment: 54 - 86 cm
- plummets: 5 x 0,25 kg
- total weight: 10 kg

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