Rehabilitation bike for lower limbs

The device can be qualified as motorized stationary cycle-ergometer for the movement of the lower limbs.
It includes a computerized control system which allows to perform a cycling exercise by pedalling with the lower limbs from a sitting and semi-reclined position.
It is possible to access the device while sitting in the patient’s own wheel chair. The device is made mainly by a metal structure for the frame which contains the motor for the lower limbs.
The frame is also the support for the computer unit with a touch screen display from which it is possible to manage all the functions. It is also the support for the large handlebar for support and transport. In the case there is no residual motorial activity for the lower limbs, MotoLife allows a passive pedalling motion, in which the feet and the legs are passively pulled by the motor at a given pre-set speed.
MotoLife is suitable for home use as well as for clinics, medical studios and other institutions and it is adequate for passive, assisted or active kinesitherapy. It can adapt itself automatically and in real time to the conditions of the user.
Technical Features
- user interface: 7" colored display with touchscreen
- movement therapy: active, assistive, passive
- resistence levels: 20 levels, 2-20 Nm
- standard passive motor speed: 60 rpm
- motor speed for Parkinson: 100 rpm upon specific request
- max. active pedal speed: 100 rpm
- power supply: 220-240V~ 50/60Hz - 0,83A
- medical device class: II a
- frame height adjustment: min. 90 cm / max. 109 cm
- pedal radius: 3 different positions
- use modality: on wheelchair / other suitable chair
- easy transferring: included 2 castors with rubber coating
- spasticity control function: 3 control levels / inversion of rotation
- motivating training: gaming / biofeedback
- individual data storage: setting parameters and final outcomes
- software update / Data export: by USB key at home
- dimensions: W 52 cm x D 56 ÷ 70 cm x H 80 ÷ 100 cm
- weight: 48 kg

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