Passive mobilisation device for knee and hip

Microprocessor controlled unit for passive mobilisation of knee and hip - adjustable speed, force and work time - repetition at flexion and extension limit - built-in 24V alimentation
The Fisiotek 3000 has a programming console with cognitive display, clear images and easy to set parameters. The new aluminium structure also allow support of stout limbs.
Mobile programming keyboard, listing all the functions, for versatile use at the professional level and at home.
Technical Features
- range knee movement: -10° - 120°
- range hip movement: 7° - 115°
- speed: 0,8°/s - 3,5°/s
- force: 0 - 40 kg
- adjustable foot support
- warm up cycles via menu
- pause during flexion
- repetition at flexion and extension limit
- mains supply: 90/250V 50/60Hz
- safety class: class 1B standard EN 60601-2
- CE directive 93/42: class IIa
- weight: 9,5 kg

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