Steri-strip™, 12 x 100 mm, 300pcs

3M ™ Steri-Strip ™ are adhesive, sterile, hypoallergenic and clinically safe skin bands. They consist of a TNT backing reinforced with polyester filaments, a material that allows perspiration.

3M ™ Steri-Strip ™ solves the most critical aspects of the wound healing process by ensuring rapid development of tissue resistance force, aesthetic results are optimal and the risk of infection is minimal. A simple, fast and trauma-free application opens it up.

Non-woven rayon fiber backing (TNT)
• High level of breathability: the fibers that make up the support guarantee a correct passage of air and oxygen while respecting the physiological functions of the skin by reducing the risk of maceration.

Polyester fibers
• Resistance: the band resists the tension exerted by the wound which tends to come off

• Hypoallergenic: it guarantees optimal tolerance of the skin and therefore less presence of allergic reactions.
• High level of grip: the level of grip develops over time
• Trauma-Free Removal: The composition prevents residue from being released and removal is easy and trauma-free.

Sterilization: gamma rays
• Product sterility allows safe use on the surgical wound

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