Bure Gas Standard Walker


The Bure Gas Standard is suitable for people who need a high quality non-motorized walker adjustable to the size of the user. The height is easily adjusted by means of a lever placed judiciously on the gas spring in order to be accessible to the user and the therapist.
Anatomically shaped cushions relieve the shoulders, arms and neck and divert the force to larger muscle groups such as the chest and leg muscles. The result is greater stability and easy steering of the rollator.
The ergonomic handles are individually adjustable in any direction. Important for stroke patients who find the usual position of their hand in this way. The anatomical two-section armrests adjust to allow the user to easily reach the handles while standing.
As an option, one or two manual brakes can be provided allowing the user to manipulate
ease of the brakes when walking. The brakes act on the rear wheels and if necessary a directional lock can be activated for straight walking. The rollator can be equipped with a removable step support and in this way becomes a device for transferring the patient to the bed or the toilet.
The Bure Gas Standard is also suitable for tall people up to 2 meters.
The components meet international protection standards and may occasionally be used in areas

Technical characteristics:
dimensions: width 78 cm, depth 80 cm, height: 91 - 129 cm
internal arm support measures: from 25 to 50 cm
max weight user: 150 kg

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