Plastic acrylic resin (non-toxic), 7.5kg

Plastic acrylic resin (non-toxic), pigment dye. Clean tools with water. High hardness, low shrinkage. Protective varnish for the exterior. Practical working time 20 to 30 min. Setting time 45 to 60 min. Dosage 2 for 1, 100 g / 50 g, variable depending on the application. Consumption 200 to 300 ml per m². Realization of decorative or technical elements by molding, laminating or projection. Interior and exterior decor panel. Application in casting or in lamination with fabric + fiberglass reinforcement. Direct molding on polystyrene / bodywork. Clean use, non-toxic, durable over time, low water permeability. Supplied with: 1 Part B bottle.
Dry milk-white color.

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