Loctite® 401 super glue, 20ml


Universal use for joining various materials. Fast hardening and clean, almost invisible assemblies. Cures under the effect of ambient humidity.
Universal quick glue for almost the majority of materials, such as plastics, elastomers, metals, ideal for paper, cardboard, wood, leather and fabrics.
Manufacturer no .: 401
Chemical basis: Ethyl cyanoacrylate
Dynamic viscosity: 70 mPa s - 110 mPa s
Density: 1.05 g / m3
Form: liquid
Temperature range: -40 ° C
Maneuverability after: 5 s - 10 s
for material: Fabric; Wood; Plastic; Leather; Metal; Paper; Elastomers; Glass
Maximum deviation: 0.15 mm
Tensile and shear strength: 20 N / mm²
Color: transparent
Capacity: 20 ml
Storage temperature: 2 ° C
Shelf life from date of manufacture: 24 mo
Hazardous substances marking: SGH07 Warning
Dangerous goods class: 9
UN number: UN3334

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    Internal Reference: 00 W 41 LC.401