Separating Lubricant PTFE

When sprayed, the Teflon ™ / PTFE microparticles ensure clean dry lubrication without oil-covered hands, adhesive protection and effective reduction of static, dynamic and rolling friction.
Dry lubrication and hygienic solid.
No adhesion of dirt and dust on the treated surface.
No formation of annoying lubricant residues.
Oil and fat free.
Hygienic, clean and ecological.
Durable and resistant lubrication and sliding effect.
Resin-free, non-hardening.
High material compatibility (all metal and plastic parts!).
Silicone and acid free.
Execution: Aerosol can
Content: 0.4 l
Color: transparent
Boiling point: 78 ° C
Flash point: -104 ° C
Auto-ignition temperature: 400 ° C
Water solubility: insoluble
Signaling of hazardous substances: SGH02 Flammable
Class of dangerous goods: 2.1
UN number: UN1950

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