Infrared-Oven IR1001 COMPACT

The new IR1001 COMPACT is of course equipped with the innovative optical temperature sensor and a con- troller of the next generation. Same as the larger Infrared-ovens the two-line PID-Controller keeps the user constantly updated of the preset and actual temperature values. The preselect feature allows the user to store four temperature settings which can be easily called up by use of a single button. A signal light informs the user when the set temperature is reached, even if he is not standing right in front of the control panel.

Technical Data: IR1001 COMPACT
Type: IR1001 COMPACT - Infrared Oven for the O&P field, Bench-top design
Footprint: approx. 1m²
Dimensions: Outside: W 1270 mm - D 920 mm - H 455 mm / Inside: W 1000 mm - D 800 mm - H 140 mm
Tray: tray movable full size on ball bearing guides, easy to remove without tools for fast teflon replacement, effective heating area: W 950 x D 750 mm
Power supply: 400V / 50/60Hz / 3 Phase / (16 Amp. CEE) / total capacity 7,7 kW, (other voltages available)
Heating: 12 Infrared-Quartz-tubes with reflector, Stand-by switch
Temperature control: opto-electronic IR-measuring unit, Measuring of the material´s surface temperature!
Temperature control: PID-Controller, infinitely variable from 30°C to 250°C

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    Internal Reference: 113 W 000.C