Single Axis Pneumatic Knee Joint, aluminium

Single Axis Pneumatic Knee Joint 6H29 with weight acti- vated stance control offers a safe and smooth gait for moderately and highly active users.
Pneumatic swing phase control with extension assist and independent flexion / extension adjustment may be set from regular to dynamic walking pace in the range up to 6 km/hour.
At the last 10° to full extension pneumatic damper has an additional feature that allows to reduce an angular rate and prevent an impact in extension phase.
Design of the pneumatic damper provides stability of settings for the entire operating period.
Knee joint is equipped with a weight activated brake mechanism that provides a secure stance phase and can be totally released when the weight is transferred to the forefoot without lifting the hip thus saving energy for dynamic pace.
Activity level: М1, М2, М3
Maximum flexion angle: 135°
Maximum weight of patient: 125kg
Material: Aluminium alloy
Weight: 890g

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    Internal Reference: 6H29