Waterproof Hydraulic Knee Joint


6H30 knee hydraulic joint is intended for patients with weight up to 125 kg unilateral or bilateral transfemoral amputation at any level including disarticulation in the knee joint. The knee joint is recommended for patients with a high level of activity — M3, M4 (without sport load).
The hydraulic knee joint is a monocentric joint with a rotary hydraulic system that controls the swing phase and provides a support in the stance phase due to high flexion resistance.
Walking down stairs and on inclines is effectively supported by the hydraulic system with closely approximating to the physiological gait pattern.
The damping level is controlled by the flexion and extension throttles that provides a comfortable walking experience at a wide range of speeds.
Flexion and extension resistance can be adjusted inde-pendently with ease.
If necessary, the extention assist can be increased by install-ing an additional spring, which is included in the delivery set.
Maximum flexion angle: 150°
Maximum weight of patient: 125kg
Material: Aluminium alloy
Weight: 1000g

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    Internal Reference: 6H30B