Heavy Duty Nut, M8, Long Stump (pack of 10)


Functions and benefits
The Heavy Duty Nut, M8, Long Stump, is part of the Rehab'Impulse modular system and is designed to provide compatibility with our adult long stump kit and the Foot SACH 2.0 Adult. It is intended for adults with a long residual limb.

Intended use
The Rehab'Impulse Heavy Duty Nut, M8, Long Stump, adult, is intended for prosthetic fitting of users with a body weight of up to 80 kg (P4). This product is not intended for excessive physical activities.

• 74-00229 Module System, Adult - Long Stump
• Foot SACH 2.0 Adult – sizes 14 to 21

Included in delivery
• 10x Heavy Duty Nut, M8

Storage conditions
• Store product in dry conditions

Environmental conditions
Recommended environmental conditions:

• Avoid exposure to dust, sand, salt water, acids and urine

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    Internal Reference: 74-00879