Module System, Adult - Transfemoral V2.0

Functions and benefits:
The Module System, Transfemoral, Adult, is part of the Rehab'Impulse modular system that permits prosthetic fitting for various levels of amputation and disarticulation of the lower extremities. The adult transfemoral kit consists of a set of components allowing different alignment configurations.

Intended use:
The Rehab'Impulse module system, transfemoral, adult, is intended for prosthetic fitting of users with a body weight of up to 80 kg (P4). This product is not intended for excessive physical activities.

The components included in the set are compatible with the Rehab'Impulse adult knee joints and prosthetic feet:
- 74-00243 Knee Joint, Monocentric, Adult, Beige
- 74-00244 Knee Joint, Monocentric, Adult, Olive
- 74-00245 Knee Joint, Monocentric, Adult, Terra
- 74-00246 Knee Joint, Polycentric, Adult, Beige
- 74-00247 Knee Joint, Polycentric, Adult, Olive
- 74-00248 Knee Joint, Polycentric, Adult, Terra
- Foot, SACH 2.0, sizes 22-28

Included in delivery*:
- 1x Cup, transfemoral adult
- 1x Convex disc
- 1x Conical cup, transfemoral, adult
- 1x Concave cylinder, M10, adult
- 1x Convex ankle washer, adult
- 1x Screw, countersunk head, FT, SS, M10x50
- 2x Flat washer, SS, 15/55/3
- 1x Flat washer, SS, 10.5/25/1.5
- 1x Hexagonal nut, SS, M10
- 1x Coiled spring expansion pin, SS, 5x45

Storage conditions:
- Store product in dry conditions
- Store at room temperature (ideally between 15°C and 25°C)
- Keep out of direct sunlight or other sources of light with a high UV content
- Take precautionary measures against sparking and fire

Environmental conditions:
Recommended environmental conditions:
- Temperature range for use : -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
- Relative humidity 0% to 90%, no condensing situation
- Avoid exposure to dust, sand, salt water, acids and urine
*Please note: Knee joint and foot not included with the system. To be ordered separately

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