3D L.A.S.A.R. Posture


110–240 V / 50–60 Hz
During measurement, it is possible to check the effect of joint stabilization with ground reaction forces.
Thanks to the adjustment of plantar flexion under load, the precise adjustment of the medical device can be performed very quickly and in a targeted way:
- Easy transportation
- Modern and functional design
- Data logging of the exhaustive and automatic equipment
- Simplifies communication with caregivers
Tablet with help function:
- Synchronous measurement and representation of the line of force of the two legs with display of the distribution of the load
- Measurement of vertical forces just as in L.A.S.A.R. Posture
- Complete tutorials, help functions and integrated alignment recommendations
- Simplified transition to another view of the camera
- Representation of vertical and horizontal forces indicating actual load
- Screen capture function to quickly record and analyze the conditions of the measurement
- Complete patient database with instrumentation flow, comparison view and possibility of creating a PDF

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