Security storage cabinets A1200

The security storage cabinets can also be operated without a connection to a technical exhaust system (exhaust fan) if the compensating measures for explosion protection according to item 4.2, paragraph 3 of the Technical Rules for Flammable Liquids (TRbF) 22 can be implemented. If the compensating measures cannot be taken, the cabinets must be connected to a separate exhaust fan (we recommend the 760E11 air circulation filter attachment, 245) or coupled to an available lamination resin workstation with exhaust fan.

Version: Fire-resistant security storage cabinet 90 minutes according to European standard EN 14470-1, CE-compliant according to EN 45014, GS-tested
Equipment: Exhaust nozzle (nominal size 80 mm) for connection to building-side exhaust air or 760E11 Air circulation filter attachment , 3x shelves, height-adjustable feet
Dimensions WxDxH: 1200x600x2065mm
Interior dimensions WxDxH: 1095x450x1825mm
Bottom drip pan:1 piece (37.6 litres)
Shelf as storage surface:3 shelves
Load capacity: 75 kg per shelf
Weight: 375 kg
Colour: Light grey (RAL 7035)
To be used for: For storage of flammable, liquid and solid hazardous materials in work spaces according to regulations

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    Internal Reference: 758F200