4 Hole lock


Lock 7H08A is intended for use in tibia (including for the manufacture of sockets according to express prosthetics technology) and femur prosthesis.
The principle of locking is the same as for the lock 7H 05A. Consists of an insert with a hemisphere and an area under 4 holes (installed on plaster positive before lamination or thermoforming) and the lock case (installed during assembly of the prosthesis on the outside of the socket). In the distal part of the lock there are holes for mounting adapter - 7H01K, 7H02K, or 7H03K. Complete with 8 steel screws, plastic cone and screw for locking an insert on the positive.
Activity level: М1, М2, М3, М4
Maximum weight of patient: 125kg
Material: Aluminum alloy
Maximum weight of patient: 125kg
Weight 175g

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    Internal Reference: 7H08A