ADLIB 2, Pneumatic 5-bar Microprocessor Controlled Knee

More intelligent
Integrates the information of the Multi-axes G sensor and a Magnetic sensor to estimate the 3D posture of the prosthesis and the gait cadence up to a rate of 200 times per second.

Microprocessor accumulates and analyzes information from the G sensor and then evaluates the user's gait pattern.

Best Control
After receiving the signals from the microprocessor, the pneumatic cylinder provides optimal resistance for recreating natural gait patterns.

5-Bar design
Provides shock absorption of the knee, and enhancing stability of the joint dramatically without knee buckling by shifts the ICR posteriorly.

More easily way for setting (New!)
Provides the Auto and Manual modes for adjusting the joint resistance. In the Auto mode, custom set the resistance patterns only by the remote controller.

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