Soft Copacryl resin, 4.9kg

Acrylic resin is very fluid, allowing, in combination with COPACRYL Jersey or COPACRYL Carbon resins, to add flexibility to composite parts.

The Soft resin cannot be used alone and must be incorporated into the Jersey or Carbon resin at a ratio of 10 to 30% to add flexibility to the fabricated device.

The polymerization of this resin occurs at room temperature by adding our SIPACRYL powder hardener, at a maximum ratio of 2% to 3% by weight compared to the amount of resin.

Combining COPACRYL Soft resin with Jersey or Carbon resins yields composite parts with the following characteristics:

Excellent mechanical properties
Very good skin tolerance
Ability to be thermoformed after curing (within the elasticity limits of the reinforcement fabrics used)
Can also be used with our natural reinforcements ORTHOFLAX®, ECO-BLACK, and HYBRIDS.

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    Internal Reference: CAC S05