Carbon foot with hydraulic ankle

Carbon Foot is intended for patients with M1–M3 activity
level unilateral or bilateral transfemoral amputation at all
levels or transtibial amputation on the boundary of the
upper, medium and lower-third of it, can be used in prostheses
after the disarticulation of the knee or hip joint.
The foot is produced in right and left versions in 5 categories
of stiffness that are selected depending on the
patient’s weight from 55 kg to 125 kg.
- Adaptation of the hydraulic system of the prosthesis
to the surface while walking.
- Independent plantar (PF) and dorsiflexion (DF) adjustment.
- Hydraulic system lock for use at low and negative
ambient temperatures, for ease of driving a bicycle,
motorcycle, car, and changing the heel height of the
the foot.
- Accamulation and return of energy by elastic elements
of the foot.
- Response proportional to the patient weight and activity
- Reliance on the entire surface of the foot.
- Soft contact with the surface when stepping on the
heel and smooth rollover.

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