From a university project to an award winning company

It all started in 2014... a university project, when a group of students were challenged to come up with a better solution for below knee amputees. They travelled the world listening to amputees and understanding their pains and tribulations, as well as learning from orthopaedic technicians and other specialists from the field.

They noted that arguably the most delicate aspect to a prosthesis is the socket, as this component makes direct contact with the stump and thus, requires the most customization to each individual amputee. Further, since the stump is constantly changing, especially after surgery, it became clear that a comfortable socket should adapt to volume fluctuations.

Therefore, the Confidence Socket, a completely remoldable solution, was created to support recent amputees on their first steps. A methodology that redefines prosthetic care and has the potential to change the entire industry. And so, amparo was born. Driven by the will to empower amputees by making prosthetics that are simple, fast, and high-quality.