MiracleFeet™ Clubfoot Brace


- Modular design: 3 bars sizes (150, 180, 220 mm) & 7 shoe sizes to fit children 3 months – 5 years old.
- Easy to use: Shoes clip on and off the bar to make putting the brace on the child much easier.
- Comfortable: Soft canvas shoes are lined to prevent blisters. Pronounced internal heel cup and inspection hole helps ensure the foot is positioned correctly in the shoe.
- Washable: Shoes and bar can be hand washed.
- Durable: Bar and shoes can be reused if in good condition.
- Child friendly design: Many parents report that this colorful, plastic brace feels less stigmatizing than other models.
- Medically Compliant: Meets Ponseti Method and WHO Assistive Technology product specifications. Registered FDA and CE certified.
- Adjustable: Shoes can be set to 65˚ or 45˚ of abduction to accommodate bi- and unilateral cases.
- Manufacturing: Plastic parts are injection molded in the US. The shoes are made in China.

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