Polycentric Knee Joint, Adult


Functions and benefits:
The Knee Joint, Polycentric, Adult, is designed to provide improved stability throughout stance phase and smooth progression during swing phase with increased toe-clearance. This polycentric knee joint with extension assist provides a wide bending angle of up to 165° with increased stability when kneeling.

Intended use:
The Rehab'Impulse polycentric knee joint, adult, is intended for prosthetic fitting of users with a body weight of up to 80 kg (P4). This product is not intended for excessive physical activities.

The polycentric knee joint is compatible with the Rehab'Impulse modular system. A specially designed pyramid adapter kit (74-00337) offers compatibility with standard modular tube clamp adapters.

- 74-00134 Module System, Transfemoral, Adult
- 74-00337 Pyramid Adapter, Knee Joint, Adult

Included in delivery:
- 1x Knee Joint, Polycentric, Adult
- 3x Spacer for stability adjustment (see user manual for mounting instructions)

Storage conditions:
- Store product in dry conditions
- Store at room temperature (ideally between 15°C and 25°C)
- Keep out of direct sunlight or other sources of light with a high UV content
- Take precautionary measures against sparking and fire

Environmental conditions:
Recommended environmental conditions:

- Temperature range for use : -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
- Relative humidity 0% to 90%, no condensing situation
- Avoid exposure to dust, sand, salt water, acids and urine

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