Motivation Clip-On tricycle attachment

Can be easily installed onto the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair by user without transferring out of the wheelchair
Front wheel rolls easily over obstacles and provide a smooth ride
The pedal position can be adjusted horizontally by approximately 2″ (5 cm); vertical adjustment is fixed and is designed to suit most users
Kit includes tricycle attachment but does not include the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair
Strong V-brake style bicycle brake on the tricycle front wheel; standard parking brakes on the rear wheels of the wheelchair
Standard bicycle chain is included; chain tension is adjustable
Includes basic tool kit
Simple single speed freewheel gear to suit most users
Certifications: ISO 13485, ISO 14001, CE mark
Important! This product is intended for use with the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair only. Use of this product with any other wheelchair will void the warranty.

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    Internal Reference: WM3TRCO-01