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MiracleFeet™ brace shoes
- 7 shoe sizes to fit children from 3 months to 5 years of age
- Shoes should be fitted to allow for some growth. The parents should be instructed to return for larger shoes once the toes start to protrude over the end of the shoes.
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MiracleFeet™ Clubfoot Brace
- Modular design: 3 bars sizes (150, 180, 220 mm) & 7 shoe sizes to fit children 3 months – 5 years old.
- Easy to use: Shoes clip on and off the bar to make putting the brace on the child much easier.
- Comfortable: Soft canvas shoes are lined to prevent blisters. Pronounced internal heel cup and inspection hole helps ensure the foot is positioned correctly in the shoe.
- Washable: Shoes and bar can be hand washed.
- Durable: Bar and shoes can be reused if in good condition.
- Child friendly design: Many parents report that this colorful, plastic brace feels less stigmatizing than other models.
- Medically Compliant: Meets Ponseti Method and WHO Assistive Technology product specifications. Registered FDA and CE certified.
- Adjustable: Shoes can be set to 65˚ or 45˚ of abduction to accommodate bi- and unilateral cases.
- Manufacturing: Plastic parts are injection molded in the US. The shoes are made in China.
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