• Oven, Heating plate
  • Drilling, Milling, Sawing
  • Abrasive
  • Vacuum technology
  • Injection technology
  • Pressurized air system
  • Spare parts for machinery
  • Electric hand machine
Washer M6, 100pcs
Stainless Steel
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Swiveling disc sander combined with telescopic belt, 400V
Space requirements WxD: 1400 x 800 mm
Power requirements: 400 V / 50 Hz / 1,27 kW / 1,7 kW
Noise level: 75 dB(A)
Power cord length: 2 m
Weight: 134,000 kg
Calour: lichtgrau (RAL 7035)
Scope of delivery: with 1 Sanding belt (2500 x 50 mm), 1 round grinding plate, 2 m power cord with CEE plug
Sanding belt speed: 15/30 m/sec
Dimension upper part W x D x H: 1000 x 500 x 1622 mm
Description: left side: aluminium plane wheel 350 mm Ø, continuous, inclinable support table, folding down at the side for full use of the grinding surface, extraction connection piece 100 mm Ø to connect to a chip extraction system with a minimum air velocity of 20 m/s right side: belt tensioning arm with closed protection hood, extraction connection piece 100 mm Ø, belt length 2500 mm, belt width 50 mm with round plate, contact wheel, sanding belt
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Complete finishing with 6 independent motors Model ZETA

Milling shaft for soles with adjustable fixed guide
Milling shaft for soles with bayonet coupling
Abrasive shaft with 2 independent belts 1650 x 40 mm
Dual-speed abrasive shaft for the three-phase model
Sandpaper advance in canvas
Low-speed waxing shaft with rotating brushes and pads, 3 colors
Adjustable polishing wheel motor
Internal wheels for easy movement
Automatic suction opening only at the used workstation. OPEN SYSTEM
Integrated LED light on abrasive belts

Width: 1350 mm - Depth: 770 mm - Height: 1700 mm - Weight: 450 Kg
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Oven infrared IR1303 XTR
including Rollabout Tray with integrated Blister Forming frame cradle
Heating with 24 Infrared-Quartz-Tubes, Dual-Zone switching (6/24), Temp.
measurement of the Material surface by opto-electr. IR-sensor, infinitely adjustable
from 30°C to 250°C by SPS controller with PID feature, Software build 3.0 with
maintenance info, programmable Ramp- and Timer-feature with an option to store
slowly raising heat processes, monitoring of the heating process by graphical trend,
tefloncoated (replaceable) Rollabout Tray, 4 casters with stop, height adjustable by
gas-shock (min. 820mm, max. 1050 mm), integrated Blister forming cradle, width
adjustable, retractable when not in use, vertical Frontdoor with double pane Window,
double gas-shock supported, Illum. by two 25W bulbs, colour: colour: RAL7035
(light-grey) / RAL7031 (blue-grey), net weight 360kg
Electr. Conn.: 380-400V / 50-60Hz / 3Ph+N+PE. / 11,1 kW (3 x 32A CEE)
Dim..: outside WxDxH: 1595x1770x1400 mm
inside WxDxH : 1300x1590x500 mm
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Spray gun
Technical characteristics:
Type: SP11
Max. working pressure: 24 bar
Maximum operating temperature: 50°C
Air flow: 25 l/min
Flow at 5 bar: 25 l/min

Spray gun with straight tube and plastic container, matt red, capacity 1 l.
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Airbrush Fabric Hose 1/8" & 1/4" Internal Thread 3m
Suitable for all airbrush devices with 1/8" connection to 1/4" connection.
Connections: 12 / 9 mm (1/4 | 1/8 inch) IG
Diameter (internal): 4 mm
Hose: diameter: Ø 4mm (inside)
Ø 7mm (outside)
Hose: Type: Pond Hose
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Wiltec oil-free vacuum diaphragm pump 128-135 l / min AS29
This pump is designed according to the requirements of the air conditioning systems and enables a professional evacuation of the cold air conditioning circuit.

Due to its outstanding technical characteristics and the robust design, the vacuum pump can also be used for the air-conditioning in your car.

Because of the repeated daily service work and the related cold starts, it is important for the air-conditioning technology that the vacuum pumps are reliable.

• For the mobile use for evacuating refrigeration and air conditioning circuits
• For universal use with refrigerant recovery machines and installation aids
• For evacuating the air conditioning systems from cars and commercial vehicles
• As replacement for air conditioning service units
• Ergonomic handle for the easy and safe transportation of the vacuum pump
• For minimizing the noise the vacuum pump is equipped with rubber feet
• Switch on and off directly at the vacuum pump
• oil-free and therefore maintenance free / no oil mist

Connections: 12.91 mm / 1/4 inch
Dimensions: 415x365x285mm
Debit (l/h): 8100 LITERS
Noise level db(A): ≤ 55
Cable length: 1.9 m
Vacuum: 600mm Hg
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Multifunctional compact grinding machine M44
- Motor shaft 1400rpm
- 35mm abrasive accessories
- Horsehair brush and waxing pad
- Cutter shaft 6000rpm with cutter rule
- Pumice motor
- Internal extractor fan
- Dust recovery system with extractable drawers
- Internal fabric filter with back panels for double filtration

- Width 900mm - Depth 600mm - Height 1500mm - Weight 140 Kg

- Single-phase 230V - 1ph - 50Hz
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Bench machine PODO MINI
- Complete drive shaft with bayonet connection
- Abrasive ring diameter 100x90mm length 283mm
- Integrated vacuum cleaner and external fabric filter

- Width 540mm - Depth 410mm - Height 440mm - Weight 34 Kg

- Single phase 230V - 1ph - 50Hz
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Bench top socket router machine ORTHO 11S
- Horizontal motor with bayonet connection
- T22 pine cone and pad supplied
- Foot switch operation
- Arrangement for connection to a centralized vacuum system
- 60 mm diameter on the side
- Suction channel adjacent to the pad

- Width 700mm - Depth 400mm - Height 400mm - Weight 50 Kg

- Single phase 230V - 1ph - 50Hz with inverter
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Safety hose reel, plastic casing Compressed air
Body width: 490 mm
Body depth: 190 mm
Body height: 409 mm
Material of the housing: Plastic
Colour of housing: blue
Connection outlet: 1/4 in
maximum operating pressure: 16 bar
Hose external ⌀: 12 mm
Hose internal ⌀: 8 mm
Material of hose: Polyurethane
Colour of hose: blue
SCS automatic roll-up drum: yes
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Soldering tip for universal soldering iron 150 W
IP20: Protection against ingress of foreign bodies of ⌀ < 12 mm, but all contact must be avoided, and no protection against water.
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Double bench grinder, ⌀200mm
Heavy, durable industrial design with maintenance-free motor
Housing made of extruded aluminum
Long service life and smooth running due to balanced rotor with quality ball bearings
Spark protection on each grinding wheel reduces flying sparks
Sight glasses made of shatterproof material
Vibration damping rubber feet
Coarse and fine grinding wheel (K36/K80) as standard
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Hot plate with support, 220V / 9.9kW
Dimensions WxDxH: 1390 x 980 x 850 mm
Power requirements: 220V / 50 Hz / 9,9 kW
Temperature range: 50 °C - 200 °C
Working surface W x D: 1250 x 1050 x 860mm
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Vacuum unit, Vacumat type 340
- vacuum unit for the manufacturing of thin-walled cast resin laminates and thermoplastic deep-drawing works

- 2 separate, electronically infinitely adjustable vacuum units with pressure gauge
- 4 connections for resin lamination
- 2 connections for deep drawing
- 2 connections for external units
- hose connection, inside Ø 6 mm
- 1,5 m power cord with grounded plug

Technical Data:
- dimensions W x D x H: 425 x 385 x 220 mm
- suction capacity: 25 l/min, approx. 80 % vacuum
- Power requirements: 220 – 230 V / 50 Hz / 1 Ph / 0.14 kW
- Special voltages upon request.
- Weight: 18 kg
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Spoked handwheels, ⌀300mm
Features and applications:
- GN 227.7 stamped steel handwheels have high mechanical strength and coating for increased corrosion resistance.
- They are also shock and impact resistant.
- The tapered square hole facilitates installation and proper positioning on a pin.
- Molded shape prevents injury from sharp edges when handling.
- Handwheels are stamped “SHUT” and “OPEN” for safe and correct valve handling.
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Spare spring
Suitable for:
Wire cable cutter
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Chipping hammer with compressed air
Delivered with: 5 chisels, 1 spare spring
Air requirement average, approx: 240 l/min
Working pressure: 6.3 bar
Chuck: 10 mm
Stroke count: 2200 min¯¹
Impact strength: 9.5 J
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Lamination workstation, 1750mm
The lamination bench consists of a frame with a storage surface (grid tray), a work surface for gluing work, a vacuum control box, vacuum points and clamping devices for exhaust tubes. The bench-top cabinet firmly connected to the lamination bench includes a storage surface (grid tray), a roll holder for stockinette materials, suction slots on both sides and a connection for an external fan to extract vapours.

Dimensions WxDxH: 1,750 x 650 x 750/1,750mm
Version: 3 pc. 704G11 clamping device
Diameter of exhaust nozzle for vapour extraction: 180mm
Weight: 135,1kg
Vapour extraction volume flow: Recommended 850 m³/h
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Lamination workstation for decentralised vacuum system
Dimensions WxDxH: 1.500 x 700 x 970/1.970 mm
Volume flow: Recommended: 550 m³/h
Weight: 235,5 kg
Material: Steel/wood
Exhaust nozzle Ø: 180 mm
Scope of delivery: Connection to a vacuum system, e.g. 755E600=* vacuum system, workbench with cabinet and shelves, bench-top cabinet with roll storage and suction slots, 758Z145=10 cutting and gluing worktop with edge suction, 2 x 704G11 clamping fixture for suction pipes "Orthofix"
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Mobile vacuum pump with tank, 40m3/h
400V, 1.2kW, volume 40m³ / h, 25L tank
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Vacupress 620S3 - UNILOCK
Type: VACUPRESS 620 S3 UNILOCK - COOL-TEC - Vacuum-Press for the orthopaedic
shoe technique / O&P field
Footprint: approx. . 0,34 qm / Bench-top version
Dimensions: H: 1050mm - W: 750mm - D: 590mm
Power supply: 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phase / other available
Capacity: 5,9 KW
Heating: 5400 W Infrared Quartz, reflector, 9 elements
Heating-time: Adjustable from 30-199 sec.,
2 LED Displays / Set-time + Remaining-time
Vacuum-pump 0,45 Kw 12 m³/h, two-stage - oil- and maintenance-free / motor protectionswitch
Airfilter: cartridge-type, high capacity
Frame dimensions: 450mm x 600 mm / vertical lift, working area raised on material level
Frame guide: 16 ball bearing, running in steel rails
Vacuum cavity: W: 140mm L: 190mm D: 190mm / integrated in working area,
Frame locking: Main handle, located on the right hand side
UNILOCK mechanism: patented one handle material clamping system, self-adjusting from 0,5 up to 8,0 mm material thickness.
Activation grill: lateral moveable, ball bearing guided, additionally rotateable to th etop
(180°), vertical adjustable.
Illumination: 2 x 35W / 12V Halogen spotlight
Vacuum automatic: Standard - vacuum pump starts automatically when working frame is closed, shuts off when vacuum is reached Vacuum pressure is controlled during moulding process.
Heating automatic: Standard - The Infrared-Heating elements are controlled by an electronic
timer and shut off automatically when pre-set heating time is reached.
COOL-TEC Cooling System: Standard - Integrated cooling-system to decrease cooling period of vacuummoulded materials by use of special air jets. External compressed air supply required. Pressure is internally reduced to 1,5 bar.
Colour: structural effect paint, blue / light grey RAL 5017/7035
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Electric plaster mixer
560 tr/min
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Electric plaster saw
Oscillating plaster saw. Power : 500 W.
From 6.500 to 24.000 oscillations/minute.
Weight : 1.528 kg.
Supplied with 2 blades : Ø 50 and Ø 65 mm for natural plaster.
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Angle grinder
Light-weight and powerful 115 mm one-hand angle grinder in handy compact design, drive head can be rotated in 90° steps, quick adjustment of protective cover, M14 grinding spindle thread.
800 W motor, slim easy-grip casing, restart inhibit.
Supplied with protective hood, clamping set and additional handle.
Power consumption: 800 W
Speed range: 12,000 min-1
maximum disc ⌀: 115 mm
maximum cutting depth: 28 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg
maximum vibration to EN: 4.2 m/s2
Restart block: yes
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Angle grinder for metal
2200 W / 230 mm angle grinder with start-up current limitation and restart inhibit.
Supplied with:
Supplied with protective hood, additional handle, clamping set.
maximum disc ⌀: 230 mm
maximum speed: 6,600 min-1
Restart block: yes
maximum vibration to EN: 8.7 m/s2
Weight: 5.2 kg
Power consumption: 2,200 W
maximum cutting depth: 68 mm
Manufacturer's designation: WS22-230E
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Battery charger, 18 V
Very compact Li-ion fast charger with practical cable reel, for 14.4 to 18 V batteries. The 4.0 Ah battery is ready for use after 25 minutes
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Li-Ion batteries, B18 V
Powerful and compact Li-Ion batteries.
No memory effect.
No loss of power.
Low self-discharge.
Fast battery charging.
Also very efficient at temperatures below 0 ° C.
Bosch CoolPack - Optimal protection of cells against overheating thanks to the special heat sink housing under the battery.
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Filter bag
Filter surface area: 1.92 m²
Material: Felt
Thickness: 0.7 mm
Diameter: 413 mm
Length approx.: 1100 mm
Width/depth approx.: 650 mm
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Chip bag PVC
1.100x410mm / 0,2mm thickness
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Thread sealant stick Loctite 561
These sealants replace hemp, sealing tapes, and pastes, they are resistant to gases, liquids, air, water, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemical products. Complete surface contact ensures a 100% seal. Unscrewing, or correction of position during assembly can be performed using conventional tools at any time before the sealant hardens. No sealant residues to block filters and valves.
The stick with pasty sealant is economical in consumption, no drips after use.
Improved bonding of suckers.
Before applying sealant, clean the threads with general-purpose cleaner
Labelling of hazardous substances: GHS07 Caution
Content of stick: 19 g
Colour of sealant: orange
minimum break-away torque: 5.8 N·m
Temperature range: -55 °C - 150 °C
for thread size M to: M80
for imperial thread size: 3 inch
Strength for disassembly: low
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Oven infrared
With pneumatic door
Temperature: 60° to 250°
50-60Hz, 850W
Dimensions outside: 1640x1134x1756mm
Working area: 1828x1828mm
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Belt grinding machine HARDO Caravelle Ortho Solo 115
- Orthopaedic sanding machine
- Enlarged work-space left, without trimmers
- Integrated extraction system with cotton filter
- Suction wall placed back widely
- Removable suction nozzles n Heel breaster on bajonet
- Sanding belts 1× 40×Ø175 + 1×100×Ø100 mm
- Separate belt control
- Suction flap activation controlled by each respective drive
- Sanding wheel on bajonet
- Pneumatic sanding belt tensioning
- Fully automatic filter cleaning
- Additional fine dust filter incl.
- Naumkeag multi-adjustable
- Operation by double push buttons
- Ergonomic HARDO Design
- Colour: light grey RAL 7035
- Electr. specifications: 400V/3Ph/50Hz/3,2kW
- Dimensions: 1150×780×1855 mm (w×d×h)
- Weight: 280 kg
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Vacumat Plus type 262 vacuum unit
- for cast resin and deep-drawing processes, with two separate vacuum systems, electronically controlled with digital display, vacuum pressure continuously adjustable, with 1.5 m power cord
- 6 connections for lamination 2 connections for deep-drawing 2 connections for external units, e.g. additional tank
- 25 L/min
- 200 mbar
- 230V, 50Hz, 0.14kW
- 425x385x220mm
- 20kg
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Leather Paring and Trimming Machine
For processing all types of leather, rubber and other materials. With long arm and frame pressing device. Cutting width up to 190 mm, splitting and cutting width max. 30 mm.
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Thermometer, digital, with one surface feeler
also referenced under: OOMAOVENTHERDIG, CRM 53
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Band saw blade 2560x12x0.5mm
- Perfect for cutting soft and hardwoods, plastics, plastics and non-ferrous metals.
- Tooth-tip Hardened Band Saw Blade with approx. 60-62 HRC
- The tooth shape, the arrangement of the teeth and the hardened tooth tips guarantee a perfect straight cut and a long service life
- The heat treated steel strip counteracts the bending of the band saw blade and thus reduces the risk of sheet tearing
- Saw bands German quality stainless steel with optimum price-performance ratio
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Sewing machine oil, 0.5 liter
Dimensions WxDxH: 850 x 500 x 1140mm
Weight: 83,000kg
Max. stitch length: 5mm
Sewing speed: max. 300 stitches
Needle system: 332 L LG, 332 LG
Footprint: 1000 x 750mm
max. presser foot stroke: 12mm
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Cylindre pot
also referenced as: OOMAOPRECR75C, CRM 73
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Vacupress 520 GK/1 DUAL
Vacuum-press for pairwise manufacturing of insoles and foot-orthotics. With vaccum pump

Type: Vacuum-press , Bench-top version for use with external vacuum-supply
Frame Dim. (LxW): 520 x 350mm, gas-shock supported, frame tension adjustable
(equipped with Soft-bladder)
Vacuum-Pump: Rotary vane, oil- and maintenance-free, 6 m/h / 200mbar, vacuum-automatic controlled
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
W 360 x D 650 x H 250 mm W 360 x D 650 x H 250 mm
Weight: 30 kgs
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Vacupress 520 GK/2
Vacuum-press for manufacturing of insoles and foot-orthotics. With vacuum pump

Type: Vacuum-press , Bench-top version for use with external vacuum-supply
Frame Dim. (LxW): 520 x 350mm, gas-shock supported, frame tension adjustable (equipped with Soft-bladder)
Vacuum-Pump: Rotary vane, oil- and maintenance-free, 6 m/h / 200mbar, vacuum-automatic controlled
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
W 360 x D 650 x H 250 mm
Weight 30 kgs
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