• Oven, Heating plate
  • Drilling, Milling, Sawing
  • Abrasive
  • Vacuum technology
  • Injection technology
  • Pressurized air system
  • Spare parts for machinery
  • Electric hand machine
Soldering tip for universal soldering iron 150 W
IP20: Protection against ingress of foreign bodies of ⌀ < 12 mm, but all contact must be avoided, and no protection against water.
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Electric plaster mixer
560 tr/min
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Electric plaster saw
Oscillating plaster saw. Power : 500 W.
From 6.500 to 24.000 oscillations/minute.
Weight : 1.528 kg.
Supplied with 2 blades : Ø 50 and Ø 65 mm for natural plaster.
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Angle grinder
Light-weight and powerful 115 mm one-hand angle grinder in handy compact design, drive head can be rotated in 90° steps, quick adjustment of protective cover, M14 grinding spindle thread.
800 W motor, slim easy-grip casing, restart inhibit.
Supplied with protective hood, clamping set and additional handle.
Power consumption: 800 W
Speed range: 12,000 min-1
maximum disc ⌀: 115 mm
maximum cutting depth: 28 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg
maximum vibration to EN: 4.2 m/s2
Restart block: yes
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Angle grinder for metal
2200 W / 230 mm angle grinder with start-up current limitation and restart inhibit.
Supplied with:
Supplied with protective hood, additional handle, clamping set.
maximum disc ⌀: 230 mm
maximum speed: 6,600 min-1
Restart block: yes
maximum vibration to EN: 8.7 m/s2
Weight: 5.2 kg
Power consumption: 2,200 W
maximum cutting depth: 68 mm
Manufacturer's designation: WS22-230E
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Battery charger, 18 V
Very compact Li-ion fast charger with practical cable reel, for 14.4 to 18 V batteries. The 4.0 Ah battery is ready for use after 25 minutes
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Li-Ion batteries, B18 V
Powerful and compact Li-Ion batteries.
No memory effect.
No loss of power.
Low self-discharge.
Fast battery charging.
Also very efficient at temperatures below 0 ° C.
Bosch CoolPack - Optimal protection of cells against overheating thanks to the special heat sink housing under the battery.
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Welding mirror, ø135mm
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Foil iron / hand sealing iron
220V / 50Hz / 0,2 kW
Teflon coated as protection, range of regulation: 100-180°C
with stand and 1,40m cable
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Jig saw
Sturdy general-purpose jigsaws with metal gearbox casings and overload protection.
With FIXTEC quick-release clamping system allows blades to be changed in seconds without any tools, and selectable orbital stroke for optimum cutting power and dust extraction combined with reduced saw blade wear.
Supplied with:
Supplied with chip break guard.
Supplied with 2 × saw blades, extraction adapter, sole plate, mains cable 4 m, carrying case.
Packaging: Carrying case
Manufacturer's designation: STEP1200XE
Power consumption: 730 W
Rate of strokes: 500 min-1 - 3,000 min-1
maximum sawn thickness steel: 10 mm
maximum sawn thickness wood: 135 mm
Mitre angle adjustment: Yes
Orbital stroke: 4-way
Weight: 2.4 kg
maximum vibration to EN: 10.5 m/s2
tool change without tools: yes, FIXTEC system
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Impact drill BOSCH GSB242
Impact drill with high-performance motor with high torque for very heavy duty applications (drilling, working with drills, masonry hole saws and hole saws) as well as screwdriving and smoothing.

New safety handle with innovative fastening and softgrip for secure holding of the machine.
Sturdy metal gearbox for long working life.
Mechanical overload clutch Anti-rotation for high working security even for the toughest applications
Single-sleeve quick-change chuck with auto-lock for quick tool-changing using only one hand.
Rotatable brush plate for equal torque in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
Spindle neck ⌀ 43 mm (European standard) − can be used in drill stands.
2-speed gearbox.

Enhanced user protection by KickBack Control.

Supplied with 13 mm quick-change chuck, additional handle, depth stop 210 mm, L-BOXX 136.
Manufacturer's designation: GSB 24-2
Power consumption: 1,100 W
maximum torque: 40 N·m
Drill chuck adapter: 1/2 inch − 20 UNF
maximum speed 1st speed: 900 min-1
maximum speed 2nd speed: 3,000 min-1
maximum twist drill size ⌀ in steel: 16 mm
maximum twist drill size ⌀ in wood: 40 mm
maximum twist drill size ⌀ in concrete: 22 mm
maximum hammer rate: 15,300 min-1
Quick-clamping chuck range: 1.5 mm - 13 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg
maximum vibration to EN: 14.6 m/s2
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Cordless drill / driver BOSCH GSR1821
Bosch cordless drill / driver

Compact, powerful cordless drill with forward/reverse operation.
Long service life thanks to brushless EC motor (not 070243).
With Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) and Electronic Cell Protection (ECP).
LED light to illuminate the working area and battery charge display.
Multi-stage torque setting for precise screw driving.
Electronic speed control for precise drilling and screw driving.

Outstanding available and comfortable handling due to compact design. Motor brake for precise work.
suitable battery - supplier / battery type / voltage: Bosch 18 V
Manufacturer's designation: GSR 18V-21
Motor design: 4-pole DC motor
Battery capacity: 2 A·h
Battery voltage: 18 V
maximum torque soft: 21 N·m
maximum torque hard: 55 N·m
Speed range 1st speed: 0 min-1 - 480 min-1
Speed range 2nd speed: 0 min-1 - 1,800 min-1
Quick-clamping chuck range: 1.5 mm - 13 mm
maximum twist drill size ⌀ in steel: 13 mm
maximum twist drill size ⌀ in wood: 35 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg
maximum vibration to EN: <2.5 m/s2
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- 100% Swiss made quality
- 60 years of expertise in making hot-air tools – brought together in the new SOLANO AT
- The sturdy, professional hot-air tool that weighs less than 1 kg/2.18 lbs
- Functional design: two-component handle grip and optimum center of gravity ensure ergonomic working
- Quick clean air filters
- Automatic carbon stop (collector protection) and heating element protection
Voltage V ~: 230
Power W: 2300
Temperature ° C: 500–650
Air quantity (20 ° C) l / min: 240
Dimensions (L × ∅) mm: 270 x 270 x 75 (45)
Weight: 750gr
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Welding gun, LEISTER, TRIAC AT
- Closed-loop controlled temperature
- Open loop controlled air volume
- Intelligent «e-Drive» operating unit
- Ergonomic handling
- Modern design/ Swiss made
Power W: 1600
Voltage V~: 230
Temperature °C: 45 - 620
Air volume (20°C) l/min: 160 - 240
Size (L x ∅) mm: 335 × 90
Handle ∅ mm: 56
Weight kg: 1
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Welding gun, LEISTER, TRIAC ST
The TRIAC ST from Leister is a handy heat gun, primarily used as a profiling tool for welding and processing plastic membranes. Additionally, it is used for professional welding, shrinking and molding various thermoplastics. The two-sided air filters of the TRIAC ST can be easily removed and cleaned. This ensures an optimal air supply and maximum performance. As a successor of the TRIAC S, the ST combines a new, highly robust engine with current technology and modern design in a handy heat gun.

Compared to the design of other heat guns, the proven bar-style heat gun enables welding above the head, on the floor and in narrow areas. The ergonomic, two-component handle and its optimized center of gravity provide an ideal grip, even for longer periods of use and under difficult conditions. When in use, the actively cooled, protective tube ensures continuous safety by protecting against burns. The carbon brake also protects the heat gun from overloading. The extensive range of accessories with over 80 attachment nozzles practically make this heat gun a universal device. The TRIAC ST is already the seventh generation of Leister’s revolutionary line of TRIAC hot air tools. Decades of experience packaged in a modern design, manufactured with Swiss quality: The TRIAC ST is a robust and reliable tool.

VOLTAGE: 100 - 230 V
FREQUENCY: 60 Hz; 50/60 Hz
POWER: 1500 - 1600 W
TEMPERATURE: 40 - 700 °C
AIR FLOW (20°C): 240 l/min
NOZZLE CONNECTION Ø: 31.5 mm / 1.25 in; M14
LENGTH: 338.0 mm
WEIGHT: 0.99 kg
PLUG: KR, 2 poles, 16A; CN, 2 poles, 10A; EU, 2 poles, 16A; JP, 3 poles, 20A; CEE yellow, 3 poles, 16A; JP, 2 poles, 15A; AU, 3 poles, 10A; UK, 3 poles, 13A; US, 2 poles, 15A, polarized; CH T11, 2 poles, 10A

also referenced under: OOMAOWELAIRT, CRM 1, 141.311
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Welding gun, LEISTER, Hot-Jet S
• 100% Swiss made quality
• Leister's smallest manual device
• Continuous electronic temperature control
• Continuous electronic adjustment of the air flow
• Quiet
• Integrated flexible foot
Voltage V ~: 230
Power W: 460
Temperature ° C: 40-600
Air flow (20 ° C) l / min: 40/110
Dimensions (L × ∅) mm: 235 x 70
Weight: 400gr

also referenced under: OOMAOWELHJ01, CRM 1.0, 100.688
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Welding mirror, ∅190mm
High-end quality made in Switzerland
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Welding mirror, ∅280mm
Welding mirror with Teflon coating and automatic temperature control. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Diameter: 280mm
Weight: 3.0kg
Power consumption: 900 Watts / 230 Volts 50 Hz
Design: straight
Includes device stand.

also referenced under: OOMAOWELPR28, CRM 7, BARY A-2
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Universal soldering iron, angled 150W
Tough industrial soldering irons with Ersadur long−life soldering tips (30 times the working life of conventional copper soldering tips). Warm−up time 3 min. (for size 300, approx. 5 min.). Power cable 1.5 m rubber cable (PVC for size 30). With support stand (not size 30).
Powerful soldering iron for copper cables up to 6 mm2 cross section.
Soldering tip width: 5.3 mm
Heating power: 150 W
Soldering tip temperature after 3 minutes: 450 °C
suitable for copper cross sections up to: 6 mm2

also referenced under: OOMAOWELIE15, CRM 10, 0155JD
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Oscillating saw, cordless, FEIN MultiMaster AMM 500 Plus
The most efficient oscillating machines, available in three power categories (SuperCut, MultiMaster, MultiTalent); new model with Starlock tool carrier (optimized power transmission for up to 35% faster working speed).
Almost unlimited applications (sawing, grinding, scraping, cutting, grating) thanks to the oscillating movement (low dust emission).
Electronic progressive adjustment of the rotation speed for optimal use.
Maximum quality and stability thanks to the metal gear case and the combined use of ball and needle bearings.
Optimal maneuverability thanks to the ergonomic design and the Softgrip coating, reduced weight.
Powerful MultiTool for rapid progress (for interior design and renovation) with more than 30 accessories for sawing in wood and metal, sanding, cutting tiles, etc.
Set of 30 accessories, 1 × suction device, 1 × plastic tool case.
Set of 30 accessories: 1 × E-Cut Long-Life saw blade - (10 mm), 2 × E-Cut Long-Life saw blades (35 mm), 2 × E-Cut Long-Life saw blades ( 65 mm), 1 × E-Cut Carbide Pro saw blade (32 mm), 1 × carbide saw blade (⌀ 75), 1 × carbide rasp (triangular), 1 × spatula, 1 × perforated backing pad , 1 × perforated sanding sheet each (grit 60, 80, 120, 180).
With 1 × ALG 80 rapid charger, 2 × Li-Ion batteries (18 V / 3 Ah).
1 “Akku” case with charger, 1 backing pad, 3 sanding sheets each (grain 60, 80, 120, 180), 1 fixed spatula, 1 HSS segment saw blade, 1 Long-Life E- saw blade Cut (65 mm), 1 E-Cut universal saw blade (44 mm).
Manufacturer no .: AFMM 18 QSL
Number of batteries included: 2
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Battery capacity: 3 A h
Battery voltage: 18V
Tool holders: StarlockPlus, Starlock
Number of oscillations: 11'000 min-¹ - 18'500 min-¹
Oscillation angle: 3.4 °
Angle approach of the support plate: 80 mm
Weight: 1.8 kg

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Oscillating saw, FEIN MultiMaster 300 Plus Start
Market-leading oscillating tools in three different performance classes (SuperCut, MultiMaster, MultiTalent) in a new version with Starlock tool arbor (improved torque transmission of up to 35 % greater rate of progression of the work).
Virtually unlimited application possibilities (sawing, grinding, scraping, cutting, rasping) due to the oscillating mode of movement (low generation of dust).
Stepless electronic speed control for optimum working.
Very high quality and stability thanks to the metal gearbox and use of ball bearings and needle bearings throughout.
Optimum handling due to ergonomic design with soft-grip inlays and low weight.
Supplied with:
1 toolbox set “QuickStart” containing:1 abrasive plate, 3 each abrasive discs (80, 120, 180 grit), 1 E-Cut universal saw blade (44 mm).
Packaging: Carrying case
Manufacturer's designation: MM 300 Plus Start
Power consumption: 250 W
Toolholder: StarlockPlus, Starlock
Speed of oscillation: 11,000 min-1 - 20,000 min-1
Amplitude (oscillation movement): 2 × 1.6 degrees
Weight: 1.4 kg
Cable length: 5 m
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Universal soldering iron 30W
Technical Specifications:

Product Type: Soldering Iron
Power Supply: Mains operation
Tip Width: 3.1 mm
Heating Power: 30 W
Tip Temperature after 3 minutes: 380 °C
Suitable for copper sections up to: 2.5 mm²
Weight without power cord: 80 g
Identification and Classification Numbers:

EAN / GTIN: 4003008047004
Manufacturer's Reference: 0330KD
This industrial soldering iron is designed for exceptional longevity, equipped with Ersadur long-life tips that last 30 times longer than standard copper soldering tips. It heats up in 3 minutes, features a 1.5 m rubber power cable (ref. 30 uses PVC), and comes with a detachable iron stand (not included with ref. 30). The Ersa soldering iron also includes a clip-on iron stand for convenient and safe use.
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